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The Suzuki Talent Education Program offers violin lessons to students age 3 and up. Beginners can start at almost any age! Weekly private lessons are accompanied with group lessons on every other Friday during the school year. Please contact instructor to inquire and schedule a time to come observe a lesson and group class! Contact: Emily Rolka or (570) 326-2094 Ext. 135


For newborns and young children up to approximately 36 months, there is a weekly Suzuki Early Childhood Education Class. Scientific research confirms that music in the first three years of life stimulates physical, social, and intellectual growth. This carefully designed program uses music, movement, activities and children's books to encourage early growth in language and reading readiness. This program also helps children develop rhythmic, melodic awareness, memory and social skills. Here is a video that talks about how this class develops character in children first and then ability.


Dr. Suzuki always felt importance in developing noble human beings and creating an environment to nurture child development. The skills developed in this class:

  • Listening/Sequencing Skills
  • Understanding Size
  • Pitch Skills
  • Number Skills
  • Motor Skills
  • Social-Emotional Development Skills
  • Vocabulary Skills
  • Character Development

The Suzuki Early Child Education class is based on 7 concepts.

1) Every child can learn

2) Ability develops early

3) Environment nurtures growth

4) Children learn from one another

5) Success breeds success

6) Parental involvement is critical

7) Encouragement is essential