Guitars, Amps & More

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Robert M. Sides is your source for acoustic, electric and bass guitars as well as, banjos, ukuleles, mandolins and all things with strings. Each Robert M. Sides location is humidity controlled to ensure that all of our guitars stay set up and structurally sound.


· Hundreds of acoustics, electrics and basses from Taylor, Yamaha, Ibanez, G&L, LAG, Michael Kelly, and more                              DSC01389

· Guitar and bass packages starting at $129 including: guitar, picks, strings, cable, strap and instruction materials  

· 100% full trade-up within 12 months of purchase on guitars purchased with bag/case…see store for details

· ½ and ¾ fractional size guitars for children in electric, steel-string acoustic and nylon-string classical styles

· Folk and traditional instruments including banjo, ukulele, mandolins and their accessories

· Repair and setup work from simple string changes to major structural and cosmetic repairs.

· Durable, padded gigbags and lightweight polyfoam cases to protect your instruments

· Strings, picks, slides, capos, stands, pickups, wireless units, parts

Amplifiers & Effects & Home Recording

· Acoustic, electric and keyboard amps from Blackstar, Vox, Roland, Kustom, Ibanez

· Practice and home amps starting at $59

· Combo amps in all sizes: 1x8”, 1x10”, 1x12”, 1x15”, 2x12” and 4x12”

· Single pedals and multi-effects by Boss, Digitech and Ibanez

· Lifetime-warranty cables by Rapco and Planet Waves

· Digital recording devices by Roland and Yamaha starting at $99