Springing Into Music

Instrumental Recital Group Picture

Throughout the year, our Williamsport, Wilkes-Barre, State College and New York locations have recitals for their lesson departments.  The stores always have Spring and Winter recitals, however a few locations have also taken to doing showcases throughout the year.  These showcases give the students more performance opportunity, as well as giving the communities more of an opportunity to see the awesome things that are being accomplished in the lesson departments at each store!  

These recitals and showcases serve as wonderful reminders of just how much of an impact music education can have on someone's life.  The student is 5 or 55, the impact is always the same.  You can see the joy that being able to perform, whether the person is playing the trumpet, piano, guitar, or singing.  We've all read about the studies that have been done about the positive impact of music education in someone's life, but there is something special about seeing it first hand!  

Our teachers and students work very hard throughout the year.  Some students even write some of their own music that they then perform on the recitals!  How awesome is it that there are students who are so excited about music that, not only are they doing it outside of school, but they're putting in Spring Instrumental Rectial 2015extra time outside of both school and their lessons here to write their own music?  And then to get to perform them for people on the recitals?!  

Robert M. Sides is very proud of our lesson departments, teachers, and students.  It is so refreshing to see students getting so excited about music, and seeing their teachers up on stage performing alongside them.  We can't wait to see what the rest of 2015 brings for all our teachers and students!

Keep on playin' everyone!

WB Spring Recital 2015