Those Pesky Earworms!

Ok I admit, the title of the blog does not sound very pleasant.  However, "earworm" is simply a song, even just a small portion of a song, that gets stuck in your head.  Yes, we've all been there.  One or two lines of a song will just get stuck in your head for days on end, then suddenly disappear.  Personally, I keep experiencing "Crocodile Rock" just randomly popping into my head (of course, the most annoying part of the song, "LAAAAAAAAAA LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAAAAA LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAAAA.....").  It'll hang out there for a day or two and then disappear for a few months.  But before ya know it..."LAAAAAAAAAA LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAAA"

So no, you are not alone.  Even better, I'm about to share a video with you that helps to explain why things like this happen!  The following video, "Earworms: Those songs that get stuck in your head" is from TedTalks.  I absolutely love these videos!  They explain things clearly the simply, all while giving you a fun video (usually a cartoon) to watch.  I hope that you all enjoy this video!