That Holiday To-Do List

Holiday Stress 1It's no secret that, while being "the most wonderful time of the year" that this time of year also brings with it a load of stress!  There are concerts and plays, parties, family gatherings, dinners to cook, cookies to bake, and lots of shopping to do!  Whew!  How are we supposed to be able to get all of that done and still have time to sleep?!

Lucky for you, we're here to make things just a little bit easier for you!  We are fully stocked with lots of great gift ideas, with tons of great savings to make your dollar go just a little bit further!  If you're looking for gear, look no further!  We've got instrument stands, music stands, strings, amps, guitars, keyboards, drums, sticks, and so much more!  Have a child in the band or orchestra who needs some supplies?  Never fear!  Robert M. Sides is here!  We've got reeds, cork grease, mouthpieces, oils, polishes, cleaning cloths, instrument stands, cases, and - oh yeah!  Instruments!  If little Suzy is hoping to find a brand new, super shiny flute in her stocking?  Guess what?  We've got 'em!  As well as rebates and special financing options to save you as much money as possible!

Does the musician you know have all of the gear they need (can that even happen?!)  We've got some great boutique items that are perfect for the musicians in your life.  Ornaments?  We've got those!  Jewelry?  Got that too!  Along with pens, pencils, picture frames, magnets, cups, mugs, bags, scarves, and so much more! 

We have been proud to be your one-stop-shop for everything musical since 1937, and that stands true even during the holidays!  We'd love to see you this busy holiday season, so stop on in and see us!  


Can't make it in during our normal hours?  Don't fret my friends!  We have extended holiday hours, so we are now open on Sundays from 1pm - 5pm at our Williamsport and State College locations, and 11am - 6pm at our store in the Arnot Mall (Horseheads, NY)!