Giving Kids the Chance...

Store TourHere at Robert M. Sides, we are dedicated to doing our best to give as many kids exposure to music as possible.  That's why we have our rent-to-own program and offer great service to local school music programs.  We also offer music lessons at four of our locations and hold recitals on a regular basis, giving kids as many opportunities as we can to perform on their instruments.  

Robert M. Sides also gives store tours to local educational programs.  Kids as young as 2 have come through our store, getting the opportunity to learn about different instruments, and even play some of them!  They get taken throughout the entire store, seeing our sales floor, piano shop and band repair shop.  They love getting to see everything that we do at our Williamsport location! 

Check out some of the pictures from various tours and recitals that have taken place between some of our locations!