New Lessons for a New Year

A new year is often a time for changes, resolutions, and new experiences.  Why not make one of the resolutions or experiences music lessons?  I could spout all kinds of facts and statistics about the benefits of singing or playing an instrument.  Instead, I will simply say that starting music lessons is more than just learning something new.  It's more than just an activity that can improve grades in school.  Playing an instrument or singing is bigger than you and me.  It gives you a chance to be a part of something that has been going on for thousands of years.  It's a chance to be a part of something special and magical that words cannot adequately express.  

When you play or sing, whether it is by yourself, as a duet, or with a full ensemble, you aren't just performing.  You are thinking about pitch, rhythms, dynamics, phrasing, style, and more!  It sounds daunting, I know.  But what else can you do where you have a huge musical community standing with you and supporting you?  It is one of the most gratifying experiences one can have.  Even after 24 years of doing it (for me), it never gets old!  Each performance is a new adventure.  Even if you do not perform in public, each piece of music that you learn takes you on a journey that you just can't get anywhere else!

Even if you already play, or you've always wanted to, or maybe you used to and quit but have thought about getting back into it, we have the teacher for you!  From woodwinds to brass, voice, percussion, piano, and even organ, we have a qualified teachers who are ready to lead you and help you through your musical journey!  Maybe you are interested, but just aren't certain if you can make it work with your schedule.  Not a problem!  We can do a trial period for you to make sure that it will be what works best for YOU.  

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