Instrumental Winter Recital

On January 7, 2017, our instrumental students finally got to put on their recital (it was postponed due to weather)!  All of these wonderful kids did such an amazing job with their performance!  The parents and teachers could not have been more proud of each of those students.  

Here at Sides, we pride ourselves in the fact that our students get multiple opportunities throughout the year to perform.  Not only do they have the chance to perform as a soloist, but in small groups as well.  As I'm sure you know, performing is an essential part of being a musician.  Do we play music with the intent to just perform?  Not always.  Yes, we are typically working towards a performance, but the most important part out of that is the journey that we are taken on that leads to the performance.  All of the time spent learning the music, the struggle, the mistakes, is what helps us grow into the musicians we are meant to be. 

We do not require any of our students to perform.  I, personally, leave it solely up to the student if they want to perform in a recital. I do tend to strongly suggest that they do it at least once, just for the experience.  Often times, that one time that I ask them to perform is enough for them to want to continue playing in recitals!  What a wonderful feeling!  To know that students perform and can feel the magic that happens while you perform, and truly learn to appreciate the musical journey that you go on while preparing a piece!  

20170107 112529

Look at those smiling faces! They're so proud of their hard work!