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There have been several articles written, especially recently, that look at how listening to music while working can improve your productivity.  There are tons of people who love to listen to music, not only when they're working, but doing normal, every-day tasks (Mozart piano concertos are being listened to while this is being written!).  But does listening to music actually help to improve productivity?  According to this article, "Music can be instrumental (pun intended) in helping you maintain focus, dig into your work, and get things done.  But only if it's the right type of music."

The article, "6 Types of Music for Maximum Productivity, According to Science" goes over six main types of music and how they can have an impact on particular tasks.  

1. "Mozart and the Mozart Effect" - If you're not familiar with the Mozart Effect, it basically says that listening to Mozart's music can cause short-term improvement on a person's performance of certain tasks known as "spatial-temporal reasoning."  If you have a problem that you are working on and just can't seem to find the solution, try hopping on Spotify or iTunes and find some music by Mozart.  You may be surprised at how much easier the task becomes!

2. "The Right Music for You" - If you have a lot of reading or writing to do, perhaps listening to music that you would normally sing along to isn't the best route to take!  According to this article, the words of the music can actually get in the way of the words that you are trying to work with in your current task.  Or maybe you need to get pumped up before a big game.  Ever notice the music that plays at sporting events, especially right before the teams come out?  It's no coincidence that the music not only amps up the crowd, but the players too.  Music that makes you feel good, or can help you focus on the task in front of you, can make a huge impact on the attitude you have before and during that task.

3. "Instrumental Music" - As stated before, music with words to it can be very distracting.  This article suggests that if you are doing something visual, then music with lyrics would work just fine to help you get through the task.  However, if you are studying or writing (or really anything involving having to process words), it's best to stick with some instrumental music.

4. "Nature/Outdoor Sounds" - You may have just thought to yourself, "but since when are nature sounds considered music?!"  Turns out, the sounds that happen around you can have quite an impact on your productivity!  Take a look around you, or think back to times when you've had something to accomplish and it was either really easy or really difficult.  What sounds were happening around you during that time?  Do you work in an office that has a lot of noise?  Are you trying to accomplish something with a lot of street noise around you?  Listening to soothing, nature-type sounds can help to calm you down, and also help you to focus!

5. "Feel Good Songs" - We all have them.  Songs that when we listen to them, we just can't feel anything other than happy!  On those mornings when coffee is spilled, you get stuck in traffic, you walk into work and see that everything seemed to have fallen apart over night, you automatically start to have a very negative attitude towards the day.  This can make things go even further downhill quickly!  Music is meant to trigger emotional responses.  So on those days when you feel defeated, throw on your favorite "feel good" song and let the music make your day a little brighter!

6. "Video Game Music" - Just hear me out on this one.  Did you ever wonder how kids can sit and play video games for hours on end and seem to stay 100% focused the entire time?  Some scientists say that the music in the games have something to do with that.  That particular music can help to keep you feeling intrigued and interested in whatever it is that you're trying to accomplish.  Whether it's saving Princess Peach or finishing that massive report, maybe listening to the Mario Theme Song can help you do it!

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"6 Types of Music for Maximizing Productivity, According to Science" was written by Nicolas Cole